Cornwall Weekend 20th to 22nd February – Riding The South West Peninsula

Previously there has been an expedition to the frozen wastes of North Wales but this year a new destination was offered with the expectation of a warm and dry weekend’s riding in Cornwall to encourage those of a less hardy disposition to give it a go.

LAM Helston Bunkhouse

The National Trust Bunkhouse


The event was well subscribed and suitable accommodation identified, an inexpensive but cozy National Trust Bunkhouse near Helston.



Advanced Motorcycling Ride Out

Ready For The Off


All weekend we had been receiving posts to the forum about what those less adventurous amongst us were missing, glorious roads, fabulous weather etc.


Advanced Motorcycling tea stop

Tea Break at The Lizard





Advanced Motorcycling, LAM

Apres Ride – Evening Meal in the Bunkhouse

Advanced Motorcycling

Keeping It Tidy














Advanced Motorcycling, Group Meeting, Motorcycle training

LAM Group Meeting

To rub salt into the wounds of those of us that had remained behind the scheduled Tatsfield Group Meeting on Saturday suffered badly from a totally unexpected snow storm. This had made the training routes too unpredictable to risk and consequently we chose to follow the cardinal rule of the 4Ss – Safety – and called the session off even though a number of hardy souls had braved the elements. They did have the consolation that for once the queue for the bacon butties was remarkably short.

The bad weather had truly set in right across the Country come the ride home on Sunday and by all accounts the rain was of biblical proportions, but undaunted and following their training all arrived home safely and in good spirits.  Another good weekend of riding exploring the superb roads in Cornwall.

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