Machine Control Days

A line of motorcycles parked up

A London Advanced Motorcyclists Machine Control Day MCD was held recently and we had a great turn out. It’s such a popular event that spaces are grabbed up pretty quickly. The day consists of a series of classroom and practical sessions all focussed around how to handle your motorcycle at slow speed.

Class sessions range from how you react to danger, your normal reactions and how you should react whilst riding, ¬†to why “Positive Steering” is necessary to get round a corner.

People watching someone attempt to lift a motorcycle

People watching someone attempt to lift a motorcycle







Practical sessions focus on Manual handling of the motorcycle, parking, getting it into small spaces etc. How to safely pick up a dropped bike, the bikes range from medium 600cc types to the larger Pan European touring type bike. Slow riding in a straight line, in tight circles and figure of eights (part of the IAM test). ¬†¬†Demonstration and practice on how to “Positive Steer” and how the bike reacts to input on the handle bars. Braking Demonstration and practice of the difference effects of front, rear and both brakes with an opportunity to practise these in a safe environment. Finally a precision riding exercise followed by a Slow Race – last one across the line is the winner!

We recommend that all people currently working on their Advanced Riding skills should get involved in a machine control day. Afterwards you should notice that your control and handling of your bike increases significantly, as will your confidence. For all LAM members interested, log in to The Tracker and keep an eye out for the next one.

We’ve got a couple of videos for you which will help you get an even better idea:

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