January 01, 2021 1 min read

Billy’s On the Road – On the A29 near Billingshurst.

Billy’s is apparently a former Little Chef and therefore has loads of parking. There was some outside seating when I visited in summer, but I’m not sure about now.

The restaurant is pretty spacious with tables a good distance apart. It had very much a family restaurant vibe when I was there but it seems from some of its publicity pics to be used by bikers.

The food is definitely a cut above general roadside café fare, with some imaginative specials and a good range of breakfasts and snacks as well as full meals. Prices are not rock bottom but reasonable for the quality e.g. small breakfast £6.80; burger chips and salad £10; soup £5.50; tea for one - £1.50.

Service was prompt although quite busy, staff were polite and everything was clean. I’d say it’s a good option if you’re in that part of Sussex.

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