February 01, 2020 1 min read

Last month’s caption competition featured some LAMkins deep in thought at the Nürburgring.

Some of the entries included the following –

  • “I'll just make sure my ICE number is up to date. Yeah, that'll help!” Trevor Ambrose
  • "Location services - Off" Charles Bainbridge
  • “Have you received that message, it can’t be true that the Nurburgring track record has been beaten by a LAM member. Who was it...??” Graham Jackson
  • “Can you go either way around?” Eddie Wright
  • “Pokemon GO is much safer than riding” Chris Edwards
  • "Has anyone got a sat nav route for going round the ring ….” Aidan Grehan
  • “News alert - bike seen taking short cut across field again” Ed Chidwick


This month’s caption features what appears to be a crime in progress. Please post your captions on the forum.

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