February 25, 2020 1 min read

Last month’s caption competition featured what may have been a crime in progress.

Some of the entries included the following –

  • “Look, I've already said - there is no moss up here so stop trying to get it rolling!!” Ashley M
  • “How many fk pies did you eat? Charles Bainbridge
  • “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall” Steve Pratt
  • “1-2-3 coming ready or not” Steve Pratt
  • “You don't wanna do it like that, do it like this” Steve Pratt
  • “Come on get your back into it, “we” are nearly at that tipping point” Graham Jackson
  • “Nope it's not under here” Norton
  • "Did you ever get to see the Rolling Stones?......." Wookie. "He he".......... Aidan Grehan

This month’s caption features a wholly unjustified attempt to silence a LAMkin.

Please post your wittiest answers on the forum – caption of the year wins a prize!



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