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Last month’s caption competition featured an Observer sharing their knowledge with a group of Associates at Banstead.

Some of the entries included the following –

“Where's my tape measure, are they 2 metres apart?” - Eddie Wright

"and then the Archbishops says .....” - Norton

“From my experience, I’m telling you, it’s very had to fall off your bike when you are on the ground already. We are in a safe place” - Paul Watson

“Next question for you to win back your jacket, gloves and helmet - what is the eleventh 'S'?” - Ashley Cole

“So this green stuff .. apparently the TRF ride bikes on this on green roads :-)” - Chris Edwards

“Yes Son/Daughter/It , in the Old Days we use to go outside !” - Wookie

“OK - next clue for the egg hunt” - Steve Pratt

“You do know that the new stopping distance is now 2 Metres!” - Norton

“One way to explain the drop off system” - Aidan Grehan

This month’s caption features a conversation between an Observer and a photographer. Please post your entries on the forum, the best of the year wins a prize at the AGM.



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May 17, 2020

Me i’m a not a bare back rider any more, for sure. Do need my faring at all times , heated grips to and thats in summer.🤣

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