June 01, 2022 1 min read

Get ready for the second annual LAM Classic Run on Sunday 19th June @ 10:00.

We’ll be starting at Godstone Flower Farm and taking in some of Kent’s most scenic spots, aiming to arrive at Tenterden Railway Station at around 1.30, or at least most of us will, where there’ll be a hotly contested awards ceremony.

So if you’ve got a something built in the last century, a shed special, rat bike, custom build or even a looky-likey, now’s the time to start getting it fettled. If you don’t – why not start scanning eBay and Car & Classic for the bike you always hankered after. Get some dirt under those fingernails - you know you want to!

It's free to enter - you just pay for your oil, petrol & recovery service (hopefully not needed). Sign up on Tracker here


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