January 01, 2023 1 min read

First Aid Course Review

I have just completed the LAM First Aid course having booked up early. The instructor was Jim Foster.

Without a doubt, the course that Jim presented to us at Tatsfield was the most informative and practical that I have undertaken. My background was such that I must have been privy to at least twenty first aid courses and sadly seen everything from drunks, drugs, hangings, stabbings, domestic violence and of course road traffic collisions.

Attendance on a good first aid course is a 'No Brainer' in my opinion. If you add in the delays currently being experienced in getting an injured party treated by a professional, then this becomes even more important.

Jim has a smart approach, does not treat you as an idiot, makes you feel involved without embarrassment and for LAM utilises your own motorcycle jacket/Helmet to illustrate the difficulties that Motorcycle patients present.

I had never tried to get someone in motorcycle jacket into the recovery position - in short you can't!

What are you going to do at home or at a restaurant when someone starts to choke? Jim explains the answer covering baby to adult. He is good at his job!

If you are not yet first aid trained, please do! www.firstaidforyou.co.uk

You also receive an Emergency First Aid reference booklet - which is bang up to date and reminds you of the detail.

Stuart Hinks

Local Observer, Blood Biker


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