January 01, 2022 1 min read

Welcome to the first Progress of the New Year. Most of us will not be riding as much at this time of year, but just to keep our spirits up we have an article from Lemy Gresh, one of our overseas based members with the story of a trip to Spain which he took last year.

I’m glad to see that the Meet the Associate feature has been able to resume – more volunteers needed please. Also I hope that more Members will feel inspired to plan and lead rides.

One of our senior Observers has suggested than an interesting feature would be photos and descriptions of problems uncovered during POWDERS checks. Have you uncovered dry and sagging chains, bald tyres, an oil level which doesn’t reach the dipstick or window, frayed cables or indicators that don’t work? If so let’s hear about it – though of course, this would have been on your ‘friend’s’ bike.

Please make use of the comment feature on articles which appear in the LAM blog and as ever all relevant contributions are welcome: please contact editor@l-a-m.org

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