March 01, 2022 1 min read

Welcome to another edition of Progress. With the resumption of meetings I’ve been able to buttonhole another unsuspecting Associate into being interviewed – thanks Sam. If you’d like to appear in this spot please let me know.

Thanks also to Tom Kaier for his helpful article on his heated gloves. Like most of Progress, it’s much more informative not to say better written than anything you’ll read in the biking press. Please don’t be shy about sharing your experiences of your biking related purchases with other LAMkins – be they positive, disappointing or, like most things in life a mixture of both.

As we’re getting back on our bikes after riding rather less than usual over the winter months now’s the time to think fitness. We’re re-running an article from a few years ago which I hope will be useful in getting you into shape for the season ahead.

John McNally

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