September 01, 2022 1 min read

Massive thanks to Andrew for his amusing thoughts on the types of bikes he’s ridden and enjoyed over his time with LAM. With the years of experience and range of machines we’ve collectively owned there must be a wealth of insight we can share – perhaps some other longstanding members could weave their thoughts into an article for Progress?

As our main technical article we’re re-running an item from the IAM magazine on the much misunderstood area of ‘off-siding’. Also on the skills and safety theme don’t forget to check the video of the month, courtesy of EKAM on filtering, with particular attention to the overtaking on the ziz-zags rule. How many two-wheeled road users understand and put this rule into practice?

I’ve done a brief write up of our recent small bikes ride – how about some more themed rides aimed at particular biking styles – a sports bike or adventure bike ride out for instance, based around particularly suitable roads?

John McNally

Editor, Progress Magazine


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