October 01, 2018 1 min read

IMIWe are delighted to announce that following on from our successful IMI external audit, completed on 1 August 2018, it has been agreed that all applications for National Observer and Local Observer must be made through the online application portal on the IAM RoadSmart website. This is a quick and simple process which speeds up the application.

Please note that as from Monday 3rd September 2018we will no longer be accepting paper or email applications for National or Local Observer qualifications. For the time being Local Observer Assessor applications must still be made via email to imiqualifications@iam.org.uk

The online application portal is available on the Group Management dashboard and can only be completed on behalf of applicants by group nominated officials: https://www.iamroadsmart.com/my-dashboard/group-officials/imi-nomination

The IMI QAA registration and certification fee for Local and National Observers is funded by IAM RoadSmart. Please bear in mind that an individual or group will be asked to reimburse IAM RoadSmart for any additional IMI admin charges due to incorrect:

  • Applications submitted by the individual or group
  • Information/data supplied by the individual or group

Please note for both qualifications there is a 1 year time limit between registering with IMI and satisfactorily completing training. If the candidate has not completed the qualification within 12 months they will be withdrawn from the qualification and any future registration will be chargeable.

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