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  • February 01, 2022 3 min read

    My Masters Test 

    Mark Barling shares his Masters test experience. 




    Petersfield/Alton area.


    Misty/Damp with rain showers.

    What type of bike did you use?

    2014 1200 Touring S Multistrada

    How did you feel at the start?

    I felt fine just wanted to start the test, I had given myself plenty of time to get to the starting point. Had made a point to top up fuel and was just doing some slow figures of eight before we met up.

    What questions were you asked before the test and if so what about?

    Interesting the way questions were put all open questions in and around a general conversation. I was asked to talk about Pre Ride checks Bike and Self, in conversation I was asked about OAPDA Observe, Anticipate, Prioritise, Decide, Act and how you apply this to your general ride. We also discussed the stability of a bike not in real in depth but again information was teased out from me.

    How long was the ride?

    We were on the road for 1hr 25min plus the slow riding exercise at the end of the ride

    What hazards did you encounter?

    A) Two or three places were there were large puddles across the road,

    B) Cyclists

    C) There was also a parked LGV with its hazards on.

    How did you deal with them?

    Positive comment/feedback was my early positioning on the bend which gave me vision and was then able to avoid taking up position on the opposite side of the road (OAPDA)

    Comment made how I showed restraint

    We were travelling on a fairly straight road and although we were going uphill vision was well up and I had seen that the LGV wasn’t moving. As we approached it I had already altered position, we could now see hazard lights that were on with people in the road. During the debrief this was discussed again OAPDA

    How close was the examiner /observer?

    Due to the road conditions a good distance was kept I never felt pressured - always offset from me. 

    Were you asked any questions after the test and if so what about?

    The debrief was the whole ride!!!!!! Discussion points were picked out see Question 9, we also discussed a couple of my overtakes

    What errors did you make?

    Comment was made that I could have taken up position earlier when approaching a higher speed limit from a 30. Comment made that I showed a brake light too much when coming into lower speed limits; did I need to? He would have liked to have seen more accelerator sense; however comment passed that I was consistent in what I was doing 

    What did you do well?

    Comment made that my anticipation when merging with traffic was good; good brisk overtakes, along with good vision which enabled early planning

    In the training, what most prepared you for the test?

    My Mentor was consistent in what he wanted from me and kept it really simple, really the 4's, each ride lasted 1hr 45 min and the expectation was to be on top of my ride as soon as I was on the bike. Each debrief was the same as my test; a photographic memory for the whole ride, which was then broken down into smaller segments. 

    Did you enjoy the test?

    I was fairly relaxed regarding the whole Master’s course, the rides I had put in with my mentor had focused me on what I needed to do, with me it was more about self-belief.

    Do you feel you are a better motorcyclist as a result of undertaking the training and test?

    The reason I started the Masters course was to try and make me a better rider and I think it has my planning has definitely improved. 

    What tips would you give others? Do you critique your own ride? Have you questioned whether the advanced test you may of passed 5yrs ago or longer reflects your ride today?

    My riding experience in years is relatively new, having never been on any motorcycle until I did my CBT in the April of 2017, I took my advanced test in the December of the same year, I have always tried to improve as a rider and looked to the Masters to continue this development. If you’re looking to do additional training the Masters will push you.

    What was your overall view of the training and test? What worked well and didn’t? Your chance to tell it as it was, warts and all.

    £300.00 well spent for me, I fully understand that it’s not for everyone but I believe good value for the money.

    We would like to publish this in PROGRESS so others can benefit from your experience. Is this okay?


    Thanks for taking the time to do this.


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