November 01, 2021 2 min read

I’m just back from the members’ weekend in Wales – exactly 600 miles on my trip meter from start to finish and a great three days riding on some demanding and – mostly – traffic free roads.

I thought it would be interesting to do a census of the bikes in our section of the car park – I may have missed one or two or miscounted slightly, but the overall picture is clear.


By manufacturer/model

BMW GS and derivatives

8 – 1x 750 & the rest 1200/1250



Ducati Multistrada V4


Triumph Tiger

3 – 1x 800, 2x 900

Suzuki GSX (Gixxer)

1 – well used and battle-scarred

Honda VFR

1 - mine


1x Versys & 1x Z1000SX

Moto Guzzi V7



By category




2 (RT and Guzzi)

Sports Tourer

3 (RS, VFR & Z1000SX)

Pure Sports

1 Gixxer


This brings into focus the overwhelming dominance within LAM of both BMW as the manufacturer of choice and, by an even greater margin of the Adventure Bike category. What is this about practicality or fashion? Their four-wheeled counterpart, the 4x4 now seem to outnumber other types of car even in urban and suburban areas but are they really that practical or just big, expensive and thirsty but nonetheless desirable?

The relative absence of Japanese bikes is also striking – only one model from the largest bike manufacturer in the world.

  • Aren’t the ‘big four’ making good bikes anymore?
  • Why are LAM members spurning their offerings?
  • Why have you chosen your current bike?


More articles for Progress such as Mike Seary’s would be appreciated and might help Members and Associates with their next choice of bike

 John McNally


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