April 01, 2020 1 min read

Caption competition feb 2020Last month’s caption competition showed what can only be described as a completely unjustified attempt to silence an esteemed Observer.
Some of the entries included the following –
  • "Any further talk about using gears to slow down before bends will not be permitted” Bob York
  • “Remember - Use the safe word when you want me to stop!!!!” Steve Pratt
  • “Tap. Tap. …. Tap.Tap.Tap … Tap. Tap Tap Tap …. And at this point Gimp Man realised that the Bail Out Protocol had been, ummm , overlooked!” Wookie
  • “I just need an orange and bin liner...” Charles Bainbridge
  • “If it moves and shouldn’t - tape it. if it doesn’t move and should - oil it” Chris Edwards

This month’s caption features an Observer sharing their knowledge with a group of Associates at Banstead.  Please post your entries on the forum, the best of the year wins a prize at the AGM.

caption competition april 2020


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