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    The #1 reason for failing is cornering and LPOV. The key to cornering is to apply the SYSTEM (IPSGA) with a "Slow In - Fast Out" riding style. You'll fail if you're "Fast In - Slow Out" (dangerous) or "Slow In - Slow Out" (lack of progress/confidence). Practice your cornering skills at all speeds, as the examiner will expect you to demonstrate this in NSL twisties, when it's safe to do so. 

  • The #2 reason for failing is overtaking. You must show the examiner that you're looking for the overtake and to make safe progress. Tip 1 - the best opportunity to overtake a car is when it's coming out of a corner. The car is heavy and relatively slow to accelerate, giving you the perfect opportunity to pop the overtake. Tip 2 - Show the examiner you're looking to make progress by moving up to the "overtake" position when you anticipate there may be an overtaking opportunity. If the opportunity doesn't develop, then drop back to the "following" position (approx. 2 sec behind). This is known as the "bungee technique". Don't stay too long in the overtake position as it puts you in a vulnerable position with little reaction time if the driver does something unexpected. For the avoidance of doubt, the overtake position is closer than the following position and appropriate for the vehicle you're planning to overtake e.g. to maximise vision, the overtake position for a HGV will be further back than for a small family car. You won't be failed for not overtaking on your test if the opportunity doesn't arise. However, you may fail if you repeatedly miss the opportunity.

    Examiner's Comments

    Names have been removed to protect the guilty.

    Why fail - Legal - Stopped over the line at a red light and off-sided a mini roundabout. He should retake the test the rest of the ride was good. - July 2017

    Why fail - Inconsistent progress, poor use of limit point analysis affecting corner speed, missed speed limit sign, poor machine control at junctions (Flappy feet). - Sep 2017

    Why Fail - Not using Brakes to slow down, incorrect use of the IPSGA system, RH bend positioning - Oct 2017

    Why Fail - Poor motorway section with lack of progress, lack of overtakes when they were safe to do so and not making use of empty lanes at traffic lights. - Feb 2018

    Why Fail - Poor use of the Overtakes process, stayed too close to the centre line meaning he had to keep moving in for oncoming traffic, poor use of the limit point on LH bends, didn't select neutral at stops. - Apr 2018

    Why Fail - Missed many overtake opportunities, lack of progress. - May 2018

    Why fail - Closed throttle and braking in bends, poor use of the limit point and speed phase for bends, Slow riding not up to standard. - May 2018

    Why fail - Lack of progress, poor understanding of the use of Limit Point to read bends, Overtakes need to be quicker,  needs to make better use of the machine. - Jun 2018

    Why fail - Missed a 30 limit sign resulting in speeding. Used 2nd gear to pull away at junctions and slow riding was poor. - Jul 2018

    Why fail - Poor slow speed riding and poor machine control at junctions, failed to look for overtakes, did not use the three stage overtake process, more progress needed on bends. - Aug 2018

    Why fail - Too much positioning in built up areas, turning in early on faster bends and not holding the vision line. Not a smooth ride and too much engine braking before using brakes, Crossed a stop line on RED! - Aug 2018

    Why fail - Poor use of gears before brakes , one overtake caused a car to brake when coming back into traffic, could have used empty lanes at traffic lights. Too much "comfort" braking in bends. - Aug 2018

    Why fail - Following too close to traffic, poor use of the limit point on bends, too much comfort braking. Missed multiple overtake opportunities, poor anticipation of right turning vehicle ahead. Could have filtered in traffic. - Aug 2018

    Why fail - Good ride but should have straight-lined roundabouts. Missed a speed limit sign and exceeded the posted limit, failed to comply with a mandatory direction arrow at traffic lights. - Aug 2018