First Year

Your first year's subscriptions are free and is included in the cost of the IAM Advanced Rider course.  


Subsequent Years

LAM annual subscriptions


The annual subs are currently:

  • Full Members: £20
  • Associates: £31
  • Qualifying Observers: Free 

The difference in price between an Associate and Full Member is reflected in the additional cost of providing training venues and facilities.  

LAM is a voluntary organisation and everyone gives up their time for free. Unfortunately, there are still costs to be covered, such as venue hire, training courses and putting on special events. Your subs are much-needed and enable us to continue to provide a first class service. We sincerely thank you for your support!

The annual subscriptions are a constant source or confusion and frustration. Please read this helpful blog explaining exactly who gets paid, why they get paid and when they get paid.


 Our objective is for you to pass your Advanced Riding test within 12 months of joining


Thank you for your support!