August 01, 2023 4 min read

Hello Fellow LAMkins

It’s been very hectic in a good way with the LAM calendar in the past month. We had the visit from Mercury Ears at the June Tatsfield. I went along to get some new earplugs made as my last ones were 20 years old, and I wasn’t sure if they were as fitting as they used to be, so I’m looking forward to receiving those new babies in the post soon.

For some reason, Paul was desperately trying to get over and get fitted as well, but strangely he said he didn’t want them for the bike!

We have also had a busy Tatsfield and Banstead with possibly a record number of Associates as well as Observers, so thank you.

I recently completed a 2,500-mile bike tour and faced that usual internal query, “What do I wear?” Do I wear the Gortex suit as it has cooling flaps/vents, but is not as comfy as my biking jeans (with armour) but are not waterproof, you know, the usual debate (bear with me; there is a point to this).

So, I finally concluded that comfort won over practicality, so I went for the jeans and the waterproof over trousers but warned my fellow riders that if it started raining, we were to pull over so I could get my waterproofs on. Now, have you tried putting on waterproofs in the pouring rain and trying to pull them on over your boots? Complete nightmare! It has taken me 30+ years of biking to discover this great hack; put a carrier bag over your boot and then slip your leg down your waterproof trousers, and it slides on like a glove, or rather a boot! Apparently, I am the last to hear about this, but I have never done it before, so when you pack away your waterproofs, pack them away with a carrier bag and save yourself a lot of time and effort! Why did I not know this sooner? I got plenty of practice because the rain in Scotland is very wet, but luckily for us came down in stair rods but went away just as quickly and stayed away. It’s also a good distance from Sussex, and I am so glad I have a comfortable bike seat!

If anyone is looking to make a trip, LAM has several coming up, recently a survey went out looking at how many people are interested in a Germany trip, this is usually a bi-annual event, but it hasn’t taken place since Covid, but things seem to be back to normal now. This is a great group event, and you get to experience riding on the continent. Well worth thinking about. This event, I believe, is open to full members and associates alike; you do not have to have a test pass to join in, just a motorcycle and some experience of touring and long-distance riding abroad. It is a holiday with motorcycles and like-minded people, there is no rider training, and observers are observers on holiday!

There is also a camping trip at the end of August for anyone wishing to go camping in Dartmoor; there was a chimp about this on 9th July. This event is open to full members and high-scoring associates. A high score is considered 80+.

Then the piece de resistance, we have the Wales Training Weekend, which has been released for the second to last weekend in September 22 – 24/09). This is a good training weekend, and there is so much to see in Wales, and the roads are just fabulous!

I do not wish to be a killjoy or anything, but the elation of a long motorcycle trip can be short-lived when you realise that when you get home, your pride and joy may need a service or a set of new tyres or even a chain & sprocket set OR all of these as well as a jolly good clean. However, the smiles per mile are worth it.

Being vertically challenged is not much fun on a bike, as the consequences can be costly and embarrassing. Whilst away on my recent biking trip, several of my friends suggested I might like to sit on their bike to see if it was any lower than mine (even if mine is factory lowered!). Things didn’t quite go to plan; one of my cohorts suggested sitting on his MT10; unfortunately, it was no lower than mine, but I’m not sure what happened, but I failed to dismount in a ladylike fashion and ended up on the floor! Fortunately, the bike was on the side stand, so at least it stayed upright, unlike me. I promise no alcohol had been consumed! As usual, I could rely on a “friend” to capture the event on camera!

It was worth the embarrassment because I got to meet Coos, eat amazing seafood, lose the road in low clouds (2000ft and zero visibility), handle some amazing hairpins the like I hadn’t expected outside of the Pyrenees, and found Nessie.

Stay well and see you soon.

Jane x


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