December 01, 2023 2 min read

Welcome to another information-packed edition of Progress, the largest circulation and most successful online magazine for Advanced Motorcyclists living in London, Surrey and adjoining areas.

Our AGM took place on 7th November, with between twenty and thirty members in attendance. Perhaps you had to work compulsory overtime, were nursing a sick child or just didn’t want to miss Masterchef – the Professionals. Never mind – you can see all the highlights here in Progress. Many thanks to Jane for her chairing over the last two years and her always interesting and informative ‘Chair’s Chatters’ and welcome to Steve.

It’s a good opportunity to reflect on our LAM membership, what we get out of it and what we can put in. Please look out for emails about forthcoming events and in particular those looking for RIDE LEADERS.

It’s not always easy to get to meetings and events, and when you’ve passed your test this may be less of a priority. Are you aware though of the many and various ways of keeping in touch and remaining updated?

Blogs - Can’t find that interesting article you saw in Progress a couple of months ago. You can find it here. 

Top Tip: Use the search box (top right) to find articles using key words

The LAM Forum - Yes, it’s on Discord, where all the tech bros hang out. Get with it! See the informative and often hilarious –intentionally or not – input from our members.

Facebook – yes, the one that took over after Friends Reunited and MySpace and before Instagram.

Don’t lose sight either of the fantastic benefits we get through our IAM membership, including discounted prices on:

Car mats !

European River Cruises !!

Reclining arm chairs !!!

As ever all contributions are welcome – what about some honest reviews of that new bike you bought at the start of the season, or perhaps you’ve invested in a new helmet or other riding gear – how are they holding up? Progress readers would love to know.

All contributions and suggestions please to

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