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  • June 01, 2023 3 min read

    Just How ‘Advanced’ is Your Thinking?

                             ? ? ? ? ?


    This questionnaire has been devised by Dr Vincent Oxford and his team at the University of Croydon Department of Pseudopsychology to help you to self-test, whatever your level of riding skill, just how advanced your thinking is.


    You’ve just picked up a brand new, or new to you, bike from the dealer.

    Do you:

    A. Ride home carefully, spend some time reading the owner’s manual and ensuring that you’re familiar with the bike’s controls and features; then head off for a short ride on familiar roads to get to know the bike.

    B. Ride home then decide not to go out again in case the bike gets dirty.

    C. Head for the nearest stretch of straight road and ‘see what it’ll do’.


    You’re getting ready for a ride. Do you:

    A. Do a full POWDERSS check, then when you’re ready to go start the bike and ride straight off.

    B. ‘Warm up’ the bike for five minutes, blipping the throttle a couple of times, bounce the suspension then good to go.

    C. Just get on it and ride off, after all you it had its service only six months ago.


    You’re riding through town to an important appointment. Do you:

    A. Make full use of filtering opportunities while continually scanning for escape routes.

    B. Decide it’s better to stay in lane. The traffic is chaotic and mopeds are zooming by on both sides.

    C. Tear up the nearside, using a cycle lane and pull forward of the stop line at the traffic lights to ensure a quick getaway.


    You’re out for a ride with a group of friends. Do you:

    A. Decide which group riding system to use then ride off briskly and in unison, making sure to maintain a two second gap between riders at all times.

    B. Head off any old how and try desperately to keep up with the bike in front so that you don’t get lost.

    C. Try to overtake as many of your ‘mates’ as you can.


    It’s a hot day and going to get hotter. Do you:

    A. Wear full PPE, checking that the vents in your kit and helmet are open and that you have water with you.

    B. Decide to go old school with Levis, ‘vintage’ jacket and open-face helmet.

    C. Refuse to sweat to death. Flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt are the way to go on a day like today.


    You’ve just had a close call at a dangerous junction. Do you:

    A. Analyse the circumstances that led to the incident and consider self-critically what you could have done differently.

    B. Thank your lucky stars that there wasn’t an accident, try to forget about it and move on.

    C. Blame everyone else and ride off, making crude hand gestures.


    Oh no! You’ve got a puncture.

    A. What a pain, but never mind, with my repair kit and CO2 canisters I’ll soon be on my way.

    B.What me get my hands dirty – I’m calling a rescue service, just don’t wait up for me.

    C. It’s not completely flat. I’m just going to keep going.

    How did you do? All As? You clearly are Advanced and win a brand new top of the range Schubert Helmet.

    As and Bs – don’t worry a few more ORs and LAM workshops and you’ll get there.

    Mostly C’s – Not sure you really get this Advance Riding business. See you down at Ryka’s sometime.

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