August 04, 2018 1 min read

Observer Re-assessment schedule

IAM roadsmart

A reminder for all national observers coming up for a five year assessment, and to local observer assessors (LOA) reaching their three year re-assessment;please remember you must successfully complete the national observer re-assessment in order to continue observing or working as an LOA.

Should you be unsuccessful, you’ll receive a development plan from your assessor which will require you to undergo further training and to be re-assessed before resuming as an observer.

Once you’ve progressed to the national observer standard and fail the five or three year re-assessment or make a decision not to take the re-assessment, then you don’t have an option to convert to a local observer or revert to a local observer qualification if previously held.


Please contact your area service delivery manager if you wish to discuss the national or local observer programme in more detail.

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