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Many of us will be heading over the channel this year to ride on European roads. But a brush with the law can spoil your day as well as making a nasty dent in your holiday money. Here is a short quiz – you can find out more at: https://www.femamotorcycling.eu/consumer-information/riding-abroad/

However rules are constantly changing. You should always do your own up to date research on the countries you are intending to ride in before heading off.

1. Which countries enforce a zero alcohol limit for riders – careful the night before if making an early start.

2. Where must you have a first aid kit with you?

3. Where is filtering in traffic not allowed?

4. Which country can confiscate your bike for speeding?

5. Where must you have a Hi-viz jacket with you?

6. Where must spectacle wearers carry a spare pair?

7. Which countries ban radar and speed camera detection – including on sat-navs?

8. Where is the maximum speed 80KPH (50MPH)?

9. Where is it specifically forbidden to eat and drink while riding?


Answers on page??

1. Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech republic

2. Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

3. Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland.

4. Denmark – if travelling at over 100kph and this is twice the posted limit.

5. Spain, Germany, France.

6. Germany

7. Ireland, Spain, Switzerland – includes camera detection on sat navs, this function must be disabled.

8. Lichtenstein.

9. Slovakia

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