January 03, 2019 1 min read

Matthew Porter LAMDear Members and Associates

Having dedicated four years to the role of Editor of Progress, this edition is my final copy. Andrew Hill will be in the hot-seat from February 2019.

After the initial trepidation, I realised it to be a most fulfilling role and I hope you have enjoyed every copy you have received, as much as I have in creating them. A very big thank you to all have contributed articles and to the Committees and Chairs who have supported me; especially when I had an internet service that was so slow it was positively prehistoric, which prevented me creating Progress for a couple of months after moving house. The only bad thing about the job, is I always knew what was in Progress before each copy arrived with me. I am really looking forward to being a reader rather than a publisher.

Andrew, good luck. Make Progress your own….and you’ll have as much enjoyment as I have.

It’s good to be part of LAM … I’ve found it’s been very fulfilling giving something to LAM too.

Be seeing you


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