Norfolk FAQ

The Norfolk training weekend is a great LAM tradition and comprises three days of riding, training and socialising for Associates, Observers and Full Members, all for a single all-inclusive price.

OR's from group meetings typically last an hour or two. For many Associates, finding time to practise between OR's can be difficult and therefore, progress may be slow. The Norfolk format provides the opportunity for you to have several extended OR's with plenty of variety and lots of observer feedback. Whatever your level, the Norfolk weekend is sure to give a real boost to your confidence and skills. In addition, it is a very sociable affair, with about 50 on the trip eating the hotel meals together and packing out the hotel bar.

FRIDAY– We meet at Thurrock Services for coffee/breakfast/chat and Associates/Observer/Full member allocations. The day is taken up riding to our hotel in Cromer in Norfolk via Essex and Suffolk with coffee and lunch stops between ORs. Riding is thirsty work so pre-dinner drinks in the hotel bar or at the nearby pub are normally required. We have a 3-course dinner followed by ‘putting the world to rights’ in the bar and discussing motorbikes, accessories, clothing, future trips etc.


SATURDAY– After a relaxed breakfast, associates are allocated to a different Observer for ORs and they set off to explore the Norfolk countryside and its coffee shops. Following the extended ORs from the previous day, this is a great opportunity to practise, work on specific aspects with your new observer and fine-tune your ride. Saturday night is a re-run of Friday (bar/pub/dinner/bar) with the added bonus of some after-dinner banter and the ‘LAM Norfolk Oscars’ for ‘outstanding’ behaviour.


SUNDAY– After breakfast there’s packing and fettling to be done ready for the ride home. Associates who would like further ORs can normally be accommodated (please ask on Saturday); some may choose to join a ride home lead by an observer/full member while others prefer to form groups of their own. The ride home is a real opportunity to embed all of that good practice so it becomes part of your normal, instinctive ride.

- All-day ORs on Friday & Saturday

- 2 nights’ accommodation

- Dinner on Friday and Saturday evening

- Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

- Lots of sociable fun and making new friends

- Possibly a LAM ‘Oscar’


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N.B. This trip always sells out quickly. You have been warned!