February 25, 2020 1 min read

First trip

On the first beautiful Saturday or Sunday in Spring, a lot of motorcycle riders who have stopped riding during the cold winter, start-up their machines and take to the road for the first time since last Autumn.

The Police call those days “black Saturday or Sunday”, because on such day, there is a peak in accidents of motorcycle riders.

If you stop riding during winter it's important to remember that your riding capabilities are not the same as they were during last Autumn from the moment you get on your bike. 


So try to practice first, gently get yourself back in the groove, especially when you plan to ride in a group or participate in a SSR.

Just reserve an hour before you start riding, and practise some braking exercises to get into shape again. 


Statistically, most motorcycle-related accidents happen during the first couple of months with a new motorbike - this is even true for experienced rider, and after a Winter break.

It is approaching Spring and many of you will be considering a new ‘bike. Getting used to a new motorcycle takes concentration and attention, which means you have less of both available for the traffic around you; a considerable difference to being on a motorcycle on which you have years of riding experience.


And keep doing some brake exercises.

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